Heart Surgery Specialist

Choosing a Heart Surgery Specialist? Check These Tips

According to the Singapore Heart Statistics, about 1 out of 3 deaths in Singapore is caused by cardiovascular disease in 2018. The numbers do not lie and cardiovascular disease is something you should not neglect.

That being said, if you are diagnosed with the medical condition, it is best to ask your heart surgery specialist if you need to undergo heart bypass surgery. But before having one, practise due diligence and check the background of the medical professional who is going to perform the heart bypass surgery. Take note of the tips and pointers here if you need help in finding the right heart surgery specialist. Read more

Open Heart Surgery

What to Expect When You’re Having Open Heart Surgery

According to the Ministry of Health, even though stroke is the fourth leading cause of death in Singapore, it is also the disease with the highest improvement in survival due to tried and tested medical procedures such as open heart surgery

When is open heart surgery necessary? 

If you have coronary heart disease, you may need to undergo open heart surgery. The disease is caused by  hardening of the arteries due to fatty materials. Blood vessels that deliver oxygen and blood to the heart muscles become hard and narrow. Coronary heart disease needs to be addressed as soon as possible because this may lead to a heart attack in the long run. Open heart surgery can be carried out to achieve the following:  Read more